Punjabi Alphabet App Reviews

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Simple, useful and responsive!

This is a brilliantly simple but powerful app. Learn punjabi for yourself or teach your children their mother tongue. Dont settle for being a "Punjabi Illiterate" for the rest of your life. Just 5 minutes each night before you go to sleep and you will be reading Punjabi before you know it! Also I asked the producers to make some changes and their reponsiveness blew me away! Thanks for this amazing app!

Do it right!

Very disappointing Some of the alphabets are pronounced incorrectly Very unprofessional It sounds like every member in the family trying to recite all the alphabets If you have problem saying the alphabets correctly Then go to Gurudwaara and get the recording done from Head priest Another important thing about correct pronunciation is: Read Siri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) and you,ll find everything in right order Search the following in SGGS "Raag Aasa Mehla 1 Patti Likhi" Thanks


Its ok app. Needs more features...like words. I tried this app and also "Punjabi School" by Newgenon Solutions. Out of the two, the kids prefer Punjabi School better as they can write letters and is more colorful.

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